Sunday, February 28, 2016

Colored using activated charcoal, indigo, and iron oxide powders.
I took the plunge and I made a "pretty" bar of soap! My goal with Crescent Mountain Soaps is to have handcrafted soap with natural ingredients. I do not use hardeners or preservatives in my soaps. So adding colors was not something that I started out doing and so I made natural looking soaps! Well, after watching some of my fellow soaping friends produce really pretty soaps, I decided that I wanted to try!

I think the soaps turned out really pretty! Next time I think I won't use as many colors or I will add in white so that the colors pop a little more! I made the soaps using the hot process method using activated charcoal, indigo powder, and green and brown iron oxide powders. The indigo did not turn out as blue as I had hoped and the green iron oxide looks more aqua colored. But I am pleased with the outcome! I really love how the colors look natural.

Here's another view of the soaps - along with the view from my deck!! :)
Hmmmm... I think I might be hooked on color! What should I try next?!?!?

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