Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Oakmoss Sandalwood... New Soap Scent!!

Oakmoss Sandalwood... what do those words bring to your mind? Earthy? Masculine? Musky? Woodsy? If you thought any of these, then you'll LOVE this new scent at Crescent Mountain Soap!
Oakmoss Sandalwood Soap
by Crescent Mountain Soaps

I was looking for an earthy scent that would appeal to men and women. I believe that I have found it in the oakmoss sandalwood fragrance oil. It is described as an "earthy blend of oakmoss and sandalwood with tonka bean, cedarwood, lemon, and petitgrain." So... what does all that mean? I researched and found out!

Oakmoss is lichen that grows on oak trees. It produces a resin that is used in making some perfumes.

Sandalwood is a slow growing tree that is found in Asia. Sandalwood has been over harvested and is protected in some countries. In India the sandalwood trees are government owned and harvesting is controlled. The wood is used for ornamental carvings and for burning incense.

Tonka bean is found in a South American tree. It is a black seed that has a vanilla like fragrance. The beans are used in perfumes, tobacco, ice cream, and other products.

Cedarwood is just what it sounds like! It is the scent of the cedar tree.

Lemon… well you know what lemon smells like! Right?

Petitgrain is a bitter orange scent.

Now combine all those scents together and you have Oakmoss Sandalwood! Make sure you check out this new scent when you’re shopping Crescent Mountain Soaps!

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