Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil?

When I first started making soaps I thought that I would only use essential oils. However, I realized that there are some scents that are not available as an essential oil. So what's the difference between the two?

Essential oils are made from leaves, seeds, flowers, or roots. They are natural. Sometimes essential oils are very expensive because it takes a lot of the plant material to make the essential oil or the plant material is scarce. An example of this is sandalwood. This plant grows very slowly and has been over harvested. Sandalwood grows in Asia and in some countries the plants are under government control.

Fragrance oils are manmade. They are made from synthetic materials. Sometimes people are sensitive to a plant and cannot use an essential oil. Fragrance oils are an alternative. The person can use a fragrance oil without the side effects that might occur if an essential oil were used. Some scents are not found in an essential oil. It's might be too expensive to make the essential oil or it takes a lot of plant matter to make the essential oil. Fragrance oils are an alternative for this. For example chocolate fragrance oil.

So which do you prefer? There are some scents that I will only use essential oils and there are other times that I will use fragrance oils. All Crescent Mountain Soap products are labeled so that you will know which one I used.

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