Monday, June 22, 2015

Currahee Club's 3rd Annual Artisan and Farmers Market

This past weekend I participated in the Curahee Club's 3rd Annual Artisan and Farmers Market! That's my tent in the middle of the picture - the blue one with the high, pointy top!

Getting ready for shows is always a lot of work.... making products and then labeling and packaging them takes time! But I LOVE it! There is always so much to do! Shrink wrapping soaps is a task that takes not only time but it also takes patience! Heat the shrink wrap too much and it splits! Don't you just LOVE all the natural colors of my soaps?

Saturday was a hot June day! I set up my tent and organized all my products. I was ready for the day!! 

I have a new sign for my tent that will let everyone know what I have for sale. I'm hoping that the large sign will help attract shoppers. The picture of the mountains was a "stock" photo from Vista Print, but it is very similar to the view of the of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina mountains that I can see from my house!

Some people are not sure what I am selling... they sometimes ask me if I have fudge! I have to admit it, but my soap does look like a large slice of fudge!!! I think my new sign will let people know from a distance what to expect in my tent!

I had a great day at the Currahee Club, but ended way too soon... we had a small rain shower and many vendors packed up for the day. Soap does not like rain, so I packed up too!
Thank you Anne Shurley for organizing a GREAT Market! I can't wait for the fall market!

Photo credits: Photos by Anne Shurley and Lenea Martel

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