Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Decisions... Decisions

I'm trying to figure out a scent for a new soap. I asked a friend, TA of CoffeeHouse Suds, what scent she would suggest. She gave me a couple suggestions, one of which was lemongrass. I love lemongrass, but I already have a lemongrass soap. Then I had a brainstorm... Let me ask my Facebook friends!!
So I posted this message:
"If you were to SMELL an alien.... what would it smell like?
I need ideas for a soap scent!"

How many suggestions do you think I got? 

Replies came from all over the United States including Georgia, Florida, New York, Texas, California and several states in between!! My friends gave suggestions and some even asked their children. My friends could not agree on what an alien smells like! They suggested scents like dirt, something clean smelling, swamp and tree bark, citrus, minty, rotten apples, skunk spray, marshmallows, sulfur, Reese's Pieces because ET liked them, and many more scents!

Want to know what I picked? Stay tuned!
A new soap is in the making!

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