Thursday, July 2, 2015

"The Silver Cord"

Sometimes things happen and you just have to shake your head at how blessed you are and how things just come together. I firmly believe that things happen for a reason.

My friend Amy teaches homesteading classes at a local library. I really wanted to attend her classes, but I can't because they are held on Saturday and I am at the Stephens County Farmers Market selling Crescent Mountain Soap. Amy took some of my business cards to distribute at her class. Well... that was that. Amy passed them out and I heard nothing... until I got an email that said, "Soap question." The writer of the email proceeded to introduce herself as Jean, a Georgia author who had just released a book called The Silver Cord. She had gotten my information from a librarian where Amy teaches the classes. (Remember, Amy passed out some of my business cards at the library!) Jean was asking for some of my soaps to use as a promotional tool. That's not an unusual request, I've donated my soaps before for fundraising causes. So I emailed Jean back and told her I would be glad to give her some soaps and asked her about making soaps for her that would reflect the feeling of her book. Jean liked the idea, but suggested I read her book first.

Now you have to understand, I really do not like to read. Shocking I know! I read for information... how to make soap, how to make bath fizzies, how to use essential oils, and I have to read for school too. (I'm an elementary teacher.) I think you get the idea... I read to learn, not for pleasure! Who has time to sit and read for pleasure? (Insert laughing here!) But I agreed to read her book. I guess I wanted to see what I was getting myself into, so I downloaded the eBook and started to read.

The Silver Cord is a paranormal romance that takes place in a southern town. It is about two moms, Kat and Jess, who move in together to remodel and flip an old house.They are not your usual divorced/widowed moms; they practice witchcraft. They have lots of adventures including meeting the ghost of a Scottish soldier. I'd tell you more, but that would take the surprise and suspense out of the book!

The Silver Cord is the first in a trilogy. In one of the upcoming books Kat and Jess make soap. That's where I come in! Jean and I are working together to make some soaps that represent a couple of the characters in the book. We're going to get together soon and I'm going to show her how to make soap. I'm also helping her with her soap research! 

Do you need a book to read this summer? The Silver Cord is available for download! I enjoyed reading it. The book was interesting and there were twists and turns that I didn't expect! Wait until you find out why Kat and Jess get arrested and you meet their Cherokee neighbors! Check out Jean (J.C.) Mead's blog here: J.C. Mead blog You can also find the link to the book there too!

Stay tuned for more about our soap making adventures!

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